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D. 060621

Urban-architectural vision


The new train Station is about movement and motion…in people’s lives specially after the 2020 pandemic. We all need upliftment of human spirits and experiences and this redevelopment will hopefully guide us all out of the pandemic.


Additional program areas could be considered for cultural components as well as community functions – to invite the community to use this beyond a transportation hub into cultural entity.


The basis of our design concept is based upon “Aitvarai”- which is the Lithuanian household spirit – representing God of water and cloud as a mythological inspiration- and to capture and reflect the essence of movement and motion:


1. The primary roof form of the train terminal is derived from the profile of wings and feathers of the Aitvarai- and is a terminal structure reflecting transparency.

2. The roof form will be half translucent/ transparent in glazing and rest opaque with standing seam metal roof.

3. The structure is based on a space frame supported with large columns placed at 4 and 6 points of support for the canopy.