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D. 125973

Urban-architectural vision


After cities sink into suburban suburbs on their fringes, inner-city train stations get the chance to function as gateways to the city and to become friendly places of welcome. The National capital city of Vilnius , Lithuanian Railways and LTG infra have recognized this potential for its Central Station and want to give the previously neglected area a pleasant atmosphere by transforming it into an attractive entrance to the city center. Vilnius is considered to be one of the main hubs within the Lithuanian railway network and future Rail Baltica network, which not only connects people, but also business technology and art. Therefore the station complex of Vilnius including the square should be designed as an inter-modal connection not only to the rest of Lithuania but the entire Europe.


The concept allows the location of the railway station to potentially decide the dynamics of the connectivity between the 3 major parts of the city Naujininkai, Naujamiestis and Senamiestis. An axial array has been derived from important connections around the railway Station towards forming an uninterrupted green wave. To allow this, the vehicular movement is proposed on an underground level making full use of the topographic advantage of the project site. This wave helps enable a directional access, approach and houses multiple functions reviving the relations between the north and south part of the city, earlier divided by the railway lines. With the prioritization of pedestrians in the concept, especially in the Stoties Plaza, the railway station acts as a gateway welcoming the travelers presenting a magnificent view to the green city Vilnius.

  • Business name of the Participant: Chapman Taylor Architektur und St├Ądtebau Planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Country: Germany
  • Name and surname of the authors: Jens Siegfried, Andrew Mackay, Alexandru Dan, Aditya Bakde, Mahmoud Elnaggar, Alexia Pusch, Nidhi Rai Jan