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2nd place – 314159

Urban-architectural vision


Vilnius’ station district has long underachieved relative to its urban potential. By reconfiguring the city’s transportation hubs, densifying the area, and redefining Stoties Square, the district is injected with a new vitality that will drive development and investment. In order to modernize and streamline Vilnius’ transportation infrastructure, the train station, local bus terminal, and long distance bus terminal are combined into a centralized Vilnius Station. A new main entrance is created as a gateway to the city from the plaza level of a terraced Stoties Square, and a bridge structure spanning the railroad tracks contains a new passenger terminal. With the existing long distance bus terminal relocated, the surrounding street network and urban structure are reshaped into a more coherent scheme. Newly built office, commercial, hotel, and residential buildings are balanced by a variety of public spaces and parks. The new district serves as a connective tissue, weaving the city together and bridging Vilnius’ rich history and dynamic future.

  • Business name of the Participant: B&M Architects Ltd, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto B & M Oy
  • Country: Finland
  • Name and surname of the authors: Jussi Murole, Blake Naumann, Kristaps Kleinbergs, Niko Talvitie, Kwangsun Kang, Ossi Konttinen, Daniel Burneo Lyra de Lemos, Tuomas Seppänen, Linnea Jääskeläinen, Maija Malmivaara, Hannes Honkanen, Jaakko West, Nikolai Rautio, Joni Kopra