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21st place – 533814

Urban-architectural vision


On the base of transportation function, the project aims to build a complex transportation hub that integrates transportation, commerce and entertainment in such a way as to promote local economy.


Adopting the principle of “minimal intervention”, the project preserves the railway station main building’s original appearance and central axis, maintaining and strengthening its core position, and retaining people’s memories of tradition.


The project design makes full use of topographical conditions: dividing the traffic, commerce and green space into three layers to make the flow line convenient and efficient.


The roof garden in front of the station and the green balcony in the bus hall increase the green area and weaken the volume of the new building.


The project sets up an iconic Ferris wheel to create a unique skyline of the city and to help people overlook the city scenery.


Additional land is reserved for future development.

  • Business name of the Participant: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architectur, BUCEA Urban Planning and Design Institute
  • Country: China
  • Name and surname of the authors: Wei Wang, Lian Duan, Fang Jiang, Jiao Li, Xinying Zhang, Huijie Li, Yanqing Zhao, Jun Wei, Guanghui Ding, Guowei Zhang, Yumeng Chen