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25th place – 5884KK

Urban-architectural vision


The functions required of a station in a city are changing dramatically. Today, a station is not just a place to board a train, but it must be planned as a complex with various functions such as commercial and cultural facilities to solve local problems. On the other hand, it also has to be a gateway to the city, and as the first building that visitors enter, it needs to be representative of the area. When we started the project, we took the direction of the city as a “Public Axis”, which is derived from the cultural buildings and historical remains that the Vilnius citizens have been relying on for many years. As a part of the Public Axis, a public flow line called “Square Belt” is built through the station building, with the aim of dissolving the disconnection between the north and south areas, and allowing the context of Vilnius and the liveliness of its people to flow into the station through the Square Belt. In this way, we pursued the idea of a station that is not just a place to pass through, but a new base for the citizens of Vilnius.

  • Business name of the Participant: Network of Research & Architecture B.V.
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Name and surname of the authors: Keigo Kobayashi, Selma Maaroufi, Kaveh Dabiri