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18th place – A14692

Urban-architectural vision


The development of the STATION DISTRICT will transform it into a new vibrant place for Vilnius economic and cultural life. The masterplan is based on its rich industrial heritage, reused for multi-functional spaces : cultural & entertainment activities, startups and restaurants.


The South-West plot will accommodate the NAUJININKAI CENTRE. 1st levels host services, catering, activities. Levels 3 to 6 host office spaces, hotels and services for local residents.


In order to become a modern multi-modal hub, the VILNIUS CENTRAL STATION historical building is completed by 2 extensions:

– on North side, a pedestrian forecourt covers a drop off courtyard for cars, taxis and city buses.

– on South side, a major new concourse is created over the tracks and platforms. It is divided into a Departure hall and an Arrival hall which is also a public passage between districts.


A big roof covers the new concourse. Its silhouette frames the main fa├žade, as an echo to the traditional typology of 19th c stations. At the same time, the concrete and wood structure as well as the glass panels equipped with photovoltaic cells give the building a new modernity.

  • Business name of the Participant: Etienne Tricaud Architecture
  • Country: France
  • Name and surname of the authors: Etienne Tricaud, Sun Da Lian, Emmanuel Livadiotti