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22nd place – AO2021

Urban-architectural vision


UGNIS is fire, signifying light, warmth, amber & clay.


The idea is inspired by Lithuania’s independent past, symbolized by the iconic red roofs of Vilnius Old town. The project showcases the past meeting the future, through a transition of materials from the age-old, natural terracotta to modern, man made glass; while connecting the old city to the industrial Naujininkai neighbourhood, the future hub of development.


The idea is to use this ‘urban insert’ opportunity to reconfigure Vilinius as the city attempts to seamlessly flow over an infrastructure bridge. Its diverse program inspires a large demographic of users, to make an exciting destination. The spaces are determined by the nature of interaction of various users – the passengers, passersby and people who want to play, perform or participate in various social activities.


This translates into three amalgamated spatial zones – The City Plaza with an integrated multi-modal transport hub, The City Platform as an urban square, The City Place Naujininkai as a meeting point for cultural exchange. The historic station’s roof has been restored with terracotta and the same materiality continues in its modern adaptation over the concourse, making a nostalgic yet futuristic statement resonating the ambition of the city. Sustainability, culture and user experience form the core of the project. The mix of people, programmes, and materials, articulates a warm and welcoming destination.

  • Business name of the Participant: Archohm Consults Private Limited, Esplan OÜ
  • Country: India, Estonia
  • Name and surname of the authors: Sourabh Gupta, Lever Lohmus