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6th place – AZ957L

Urban-architectural vision




How not to see in the Baltica rail project a materialisation of the «Baltic Way» of 1989 which linked three sister nations of the same track in a human chain of more than 650 km crossing the historic capitals: from the Tower of Gediminas in Vilnius, Lithuania, by passing the Freedom Monument in Riga, Latvia, and ending with the Hermann Tower in Tallinn, Estonia.


This collectively realized dream of independence is catalyzed in this new station project, which combines the demand for (global) European centrality with the ambition of joining a historic district and a developing district.


Unified under one roof, the focal point of the project, the station is the place where rail and urban flows are woven at different levels. The lowest level is that of the departures and is in direct contact with the forecourt. Above is the bus terminal which serves railway arrivals level with automobile traffic. On the level of the existing station and the platforms, the square slopes gently down to the city center. Finally, a bridge dedicated to soft mobility welcoming shops, restaurants and cultural activities crosses the tracks and leads to terraces overlooking the city.


This is the VILNIUS railway station.

  • Business name of the Participant: Architectures Anne Démians
  • Country: France
  • Name and surname of the authors: Anne Demians, Alain Sabounjian, Arnaud Sanson, Georges Daou, Igor Sanchez