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1st place – GREEN CONNECT

Urban-architectural vision


Inspired by Vilnius green and sustainable agenda, and its demand of favouring pedestrian and bicycle routes and the user experience, Green Connect proposals aims to make of the site a new focal point and a destination not only for the transient public using the transportation hub but for the city of Vilnius and its local community.


The new terminal bridge, inspired by the existing station roof outline and shape , will act as public bridge that connect Naujininkai district with rest of the city centre and Vilnius old town, allowing for the city of Vilnius to further expand and perceive the train infrastructure not as a barrier but as a connector between two sides of Vilnius, and between Vilnius and the rest of Europe.


The new entrance on Pelosos’ street is gently shaped into a public amphitheatre, promoting gathering and activities and resembling the amphitheatre proposed for Stoties square and the PT terminal roof.


The PT terminal is designed as an integrated landscape element, serving as a screen from the vehicular bus noise and disturbance and amplifying the park surface and possibilities on its roof.


Every element of Green Connect proposal is carefully organized as a continuous flow and interconnected solution.

  • Business name of the Participant: Zaha Hadid Limited
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Name and surname of the authors: Gianluca Racana, Ludovico Lombardi, Michele Salvi