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8th place – KB589A

Urban-architectural vision


The aim of the project is to create a place of encounters where different people meet together and experience the Lithuanian spirit of naturality and openness. The desired added value of the project is, above all, to make foreign visitors in Lithuania discover the Scandinavian character of the country and its people from the moment they arrive to. Moreover, for Lithuanians coming from around the country the project is meant to make them feel that their capital belongs to them. Using the railway station would be intended to become an integral part of experiencing the city and the whole country.


Essential to the achievement of these objectives is the integration of the Railway Station, Bus Station Central Square and adjacent spaces, building and other objects into a single and coherent urban assembly. By doing so, both sides of the railway station (north and south) would be connected in a way that would be particularly friendly for pedestrians, cyclists and people who need and/or want to spend time here. An integral part of the project would be its extensive enrichment of the natural elements present there. The newly introduced natural elements follow the elements of nature typical for Lithuania.

  • Business name of the Participant: NM architekci Tomasz Marciniewicz, Zuzanna Szpocińska, Jerzy Grochulski
  • Country: Poland
  • Name and surname of the authors: Zuzanna Szpocińska, Tomasz Marciniewicz, Jerzy Grochulski, Ewelina Czerwińska, Katarzyna Fabińska, Michał Różycki, Hubert Trammer