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11th place – LNJSII

Urban-architectural vision


Proposal gravitates around perception of an OBJECT as a POINT OF INTERSECTION contrary traditional understanding of Railway Station as a final destination. Streets, paths and sights are allowed to travel through, across and further ahead without being interrupted by momentous iconic architectural artefacts thus giving space for both – breath of existing structures and possible forthcoming interventions in Vilnius urban landscape without defining the Place as Complete or naming Something as The Most Important. As an exception serves Existing Station Building which stands out as once ordered – THE STATION.




Railway station in Vilnius proudly stands on hillock curtained from hectic city by peaceful square. Just a few swabs and everything may remain as it is for the next century almost unchanged. Just slightly altered if appreciated by uninformed everyday commuter. Being rebuilt and redeveloped several times, existing building still bears incontestable historical and architectural value and main task for massive structural intervention is to maintain sensitive approach towards neatly preserved past avoiding solutions annihilating values through transitive architectural ambitions.

  • Business name of the Participant: “SARMA & NORDE Arhitekti” Ltd.
  • Country: Latvia
  • Name and surname of the authors: Visvaldis Sarma, Elvijs Sprudzāns, Krišjānis Gulbis, Inga Zūdiņa