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12th place – 0PENED

Urban-architectural vision


Our proposal is a contemporary intervention that bridges both sides of the city. We aim to embrace the tracks rather than seeing them as the divide of the city. We aim for a renewed balance between the future and the past. This ambition results in a strong image of renewal for the station district. The station plaza becomes one of the city’s most important public spaces with easy access to mobility, the Rail Baltica network and to the world.  In order to merge the  proposed plans together with the existing context, redevelopment is based on the existing situation rather than starting from a blank page. That way, not only the new visitors and residents can enjoy the new area but instead join the current contingent in the process of change. After an intensive planning and design phase, we are pleased to deliver this proposal for the Vilnius Railway Station Complex, Central Station Square and Public Transport Terminal competition for your enjoyment.

  • Business name of the Participant: MB “Martyno Marozo architektūra ir planavimas”, UAB “Paleko archstudija”, Johan de Wachter Architecten B.V., PosadMaxwan B.V.
  • Country: Lithuania, Netherlands
  • Name and surname of the authors: Martynas Marozas, Rūta Marija Slavinskaitė, Irmina Žemaitytė, Guoda Steponavičiūtė, Rolandas Palekas, Dalia Uogintė, Bartas Puzonas, Alma Palekienė, Mindaugas Karanevskis, Austėja Balčiūnaitė, Ugnė Morkūnaitė, Han Dijk, Gijs de Haan, Gintarė Norkūnaitė, Annemaryn Koedood, Johan de Wachter, Joris van Arkel, Marieke van Hensbergen