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13th place – PERLAS

Urban-architectural vision


The genesis of the urban idea is an opportunity to refurbish the existing Railway Station, regenerate a large public park and create a connection bridge between the north and south. The heart of the operation creates an expansion wave, which generates and organizes the rest of the urban design. The design generates districts with a detailed focus on the Railway Station Quarter.


Stoties Square is redesigned as a new green urban space and acts as a focal green pole which attracts and links with other new green and public spaces in the Masterplan. The concept of urban design revolves around the creation of mixed-use developments with different heights, volumes, uses, and a wide range of building typologies to enrich architectural and urban frame and context, providing a wide and interesting range of alternatives for the market.


  • Business name of the Participant: Ingenieria Y Economia del Transporte S.M.E M.P., S.A., Vidal Y Asociados Estudio De Arquitectura, S.L.P., UAB TEC Infrastructure
  • Country: Spain, Lithuania
  • Name and surname of the authors: Luis Vidal Gordo