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14th place – V1R4S7

Urban-architectural vision


We have approached this project as an infrastructure project that has the chance to transform the entire city. Our design proposal it’s not just about the buildings, the new station and the trains that run underfoot, but it’s about designing opportunities that will stand the test of time, of the city and the people of Vilnius. Our motto for the project is “Infrastructure acts as natural green magnet” pulling people in from across the city. This idea of the railway to become a green connector of existing and planned green and public spaces around and with-in the city will mark the difference between a city that’s merely functional, and a place to love. Beyond that, all the surrounding areas will be influenced by the presence of this “green corridor connector” with vertical new green links connecting the existing and planned green spaces ensures that this system will be the strong north-south or old and new city connection, creating an ecologically sustainable environment significant to the city.

  • Business name of the Participant: Od’a Officina d’Architettura srl, ARC-ML ITALIA SOCIETA' TRA PROFESSIONISTI S.R.L.
  • Country: Italy
  • Name and surname of the authors: Alessandra Fasanaro, Giovanni Aurino, Luigi Nefasto