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4th place – VGS159

Urban-architectural vision


Urban concept is to restore the lost relief, this way restoring the connection between the Northern and Southern parts of the city.


The new above-the-tracks structure – green bridge is a semantical recreation of the pre-railway hill. This „hanging garden“ will connect both sides of the city, and will be used exclusively by pedestrian and cyclist traffic. At the same time it will humanize the surroundings of the railway infrastructure and will improve its ecological position.


The architectural composition of the Railway station complex is based on the contextual principles. The new above-the-tracks structure complements the historical station building by not overruling it with the dynamic shape, rather using it’s proportions and contextually blending in. The symmetry and clear axis of the existing station building dictated the concept of continuing the center line and the width proportion of the station.


The fairly simple new terminal volume is sitting on a green hill that organically stretches out over the tracks providing an easy access for all.

  • Business name of the Participant: UAB Archinova, PLH Arkitekter A/S, MB Studija "Heima"
  • Country: Lithuania, Denmark
  • Name and surname of the authors: Aleksandras Gvildys, Steen Enrico Andersen, Povilas Daugis, Aušra Gvildienė, Søren Mølbak, Kristijonas Skirmantas, Antanas Gvildys, Lina Bareikytė, Povilas Ţakauskas, Agnė Zenkevičiūtė, Christian Henriksen, Tomas Vaičiulis, Jovita Saveikė, Tarek Sakkal, Karolina Burbaitė, Irina Chikhireva, Justinas Malinauskas