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15th place – VIDJVM

Urban-architectural vision


The concept is based on the system of several interconnected architectural-urban objects, which merges with the existing urban context, modifies it and creates various functional scenarios and visual patterns both in the open spaces and inside the existing and new buildings.


The project is focused not only on the creation of a comfortable environment for the travelers and commuters but also on the development of the green framework through reinvigorating the existing green spaces and creating a spacious urban garden above the railway tracks which will be functionally integrated into the railway terminal and its infrastructure. This garden is a peaceful green island in the middle of a busy hub which is going to connect to the existing green spaces near the station through open stairs and elevators.


The concept presupposes a new look of the railway station square and development of a bus terminal in such a way that it is going to increase the number of pedestrian zones and facilitate car traffic in the square. The existing green areas of valuable trees are going to be carefully preserved and new plantings will be added to create more secluded, nature-inspired spots for the travelers and passersby to enjoy.


The new terminal building and offices along Pelesos g. will not only separate the residential district from the railway tracks but will also create a welcoming and comfortable plaza under a vast overhang.  The staircase at the terminal entrance leads us to the garden over the railway tracks through an intricate lattice formed by a multitude of planters. Such a solution is going to project a memorable visual image as seen both from the railway tracks and in the direction of the city center.


Besides the functional aspect and comforts, our concept also sends the following important messages:


– safety throughout the entire Railway Station complex

– serene interaction with nature amidst the vibrant and busy rhythm of the Railway Station complex

– introduction of ecofriendly, sustainable solutions in a new unique landmark for Lithuania and the EU

  • Business name of the Participant: SLOI ARCHITECTS LLC
  • Country: Russia
  • Name and surname of the authors: Valentin Kogan, Maria Volter, Ilia Ermolaev, Vladimir Danilov, Artem Chatski