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19th place – VL2021

Urban-architectural vision


Transformation & Psychology of Energies


The urban redevelopment zone of the Vilnius train station is a strategic part of the City with enormous visual and commercial potential. Analogous to parts of many European cities, which have planned and implemented successful regeneration projects, the Naujininkai district is a large area for urban expansion, ideally juxtaposed tangent to the central railway station, still in the heart of the City. The existing historical station has the atmosphere of a bygone era, with its symmetry, its tightly organized spaces and very formal architectural expression. There is a psychology of this place and this object, which is closed and organized and it is exactly this energy that we intend to TRANSFORM into a CELEBRATION of travel, movement and CONNECTIVITY.


Movement Hub & the Urban CONNECTION


Modern travel, or urban transit, is about movement energies, about passing moments in time and space, where thousands of people have fleeting, exciting and often inspiring moments of interaction. The 21st Century ‘HUB’ should be the fantastic experience, connecting us to our humanity and its advanced state of sophistication. The Vilnius Train Station Development District we envision to rival the great train station centers in the top destinations in Europe – London; Paris; Berlin; Zurich; Belgium; Antwerp; Milano; and Madrid.


Communicate Identity & Vision


A VISIONARY redevelopment such as the Vilnius Train Station District must in our opinion have a clear and INTELLIGENT identity. It needs to COMMUNICATE a universal, but culturally relevant IDENTITY of an inspiring, ambitious city of the future. We see an organized, rational beauty in its OPENNESS, SOPHISTICATION and EXPERIENTIAL qualities.

  • Business name of the Participant: OCA Architects
  • Country: Spain
  • Name and surname of the authors: Bernardo García Morales, Hernan Lleida Ruiz, David Chisholm