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5th place – ZSEBUA

Urban-architectural vision


Currently, the Railway station district is having an image of brownfield in which there is not much activity that could attract people. Our concept is inspired by the vision of making the Railway district attractive and a place of unity.


Triangular shape represents UNITY of three districts: Naujamiestis New Town, Senamiestis Old town, and Naujininkai districts. The UNITY is not only referring to urban spaces, but also the historical, cultural, ecological, social unity of three districts.


We believe that the new railway station and railway district should be opposite of what it is currently. Instead of being a place of separation, it should be the place which will unite the people, and set the city identity and future direction of city development.

  • Business name of the Participant: Shenzhen Aube Architectural Engineering Design CO., Ltd
  • Country: China
  • Name and surname of the authors: Michel Perisse, Mladen Durkovic, Yutong Lu, Shijing Zhu, Yapeng Li, Xavier Travert, Qiming Wang, Bo Peng, Tongyao Ma