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D. 17Y77

Urban-architectural vision


The project proposes a compositional and functional scheme with the main (centers of attraction) and subordinate objects. The main objects include Stotis Square, the buildings of the existing and new terminals of the Vilnius railway station, as well as the Naujininkai Center. Other buildings surround this significant attraction and develop an environment for its service and cultural and commercial activities.


Unimpeded access to the train station is via a ramp that leads to the second level of Stotis Square above the existing square. Further, we immediately find ourselves on the second floor of the existing building of the railway station. This will require renovation and redevelopment inside the building. Ticket offices and machines will be located in the hall on the second floor.


From there we get to the new terminal, which is raised above the railway platforms. The terminal’s dimensions are 47×122 m. It is a single space with waiting areas, cafes, escalators, elevators and a transit communication space. Along the longitudinal axis there are atrium spaces with glass structures, inside of which there is greenery. Exits from the waiting rooms to the platforms are carried out using elevators and escalators.


The new terminal smoothly flows into the building of the Naujininkai Center, the part where shops and services are located. The opposite entrance to the new terminal is located on the Pelesos street side and is combined with the main entrance to the shopping area of the Naujininkai Center. It is landscaped and combined with terraces for relaxation, according to the existing relief.