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16th place – B19T82

Urban-architectural vision


Masterplan Concept


The proposal seeks to transcend the transportation system into a cultural landscape. The pedestrian, alleys and plazas are the natural social glue of the vicinity, openly interconnecting the Railway Station and the Public Transport Terminal. On urban scale, the existing Railway Station is augmented as a heritage monument and central to the overall planning, while both the new Railway Complex and the Public Transport Terminal are 21st century informal landscapes. From a higher elevation of the city, the concave shape of the New Railway Complex and the convex shape of the Public Transport Terminal appear as a Valley and a Hill – a curious wonder of duality.


Railway Complex


A transportation gateway, an urban connector and at the same time a cultural landscape. The extensive curves outline a vast circular path, celebrating the widespread railway tracks field. Its light presence accentuates the heritage façade of the existing railway station along its surrounding railway environment. As it descends towards its center in a concave manner, it forms a valley-like landscape. On pedestrian level, it suggests a contemplative stroll from the Old Railway Building toward the distant opposite and vice-versa. On transportation level, it continuously descends to the platforms beneath, where the atmosphere of the railway can be enjoyed intimately.


Public Transport Terminal


The Public Transport Terminal is the invert form of the valley of the Railway Complex. A hill-like landscape, it comprehensively blends into the overall green atmosphere of the Stoties Square’s setting. The cascading canopies generate a comfortable volume transition: from the high ceiling of the bus stop in the center, towards its surrounding plaza. The lower canopies around the perimeter deliberately function as a generous walkway along the bicycle parking zone. Integrating transportation systems and plaza, the ground level is a singular landscape, open and approachable from all sides of the vicinity. Akin to walking under the shade of trees, where passerby may simply stroll through the generous canopies.


Naujininkai Centre


A series of elongated volumes that echo the shape of trains – the overall formation of the Naujininkai Centre planning conforms to the axes of the surrounding neighborhood streets, as well as the pedestrian circulation of the new Railway Complex. In between the series of volumes is a generous public space where passersby may enjoy an intimate commercial walk. A unique atmosphere which is set between the dynamic railway tracks on one side, and the tranquil neighborhood on the other. The clear glass facade presents visual connection and openness, yet at the same time, deliberately reduces the incoming noise and air from the railway tracks. Accordingly, it generates a comfortable micro environment for the commercial walk within.

  • Business name of the Participant: Davin Tanasa
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Name and surname of the authors: Davin Tanasa