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Urban-architectural vision


The project promotes travel to and from the train station acting as a transportation node. The primary goal is to bring together intercity buses, longer distance buses, taxis, ride-shares, local trains, long-distance trains, pedestrians, bicycles, scooters and vehicles as a place to facilitate cross-method transportation.


The proposed pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the rail tracks that connects Dzuku and Gelezinkelio streets is vital to establish the link between the Train Station and Naujininkai. The proposed bridge is elaborate and grand in its design to catch the attention of nearby pedestrian traffic as a favorable and safer method of crossing the rail tracks at Svitrigailos Street.


Architectural idea


The original train station from pre 1945 shall be reconstructed to retain Lithuania’s identity as a free country. It shall be reconstructed above the current standing train station that was constructed during Sovety occupation in order to not erase the past. The reflective glass of the new addition shall veil the Soviet-era facade, showing the bringing of the country to the new-age with ever more resilience than before.

  • Business name of the Participant: Justin Ankus
  • Country: United States
  • Name and surname of the authors: Justin Ankus