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Architects and city planners are looking for the best idea for the rearrangement of the territory of Vilnius railway station
2019 October 28
To choose the best ideas for the rearrangement of the territory of Vilnius railway station

The creative workshop for the rearrangement of Vilnius railway station shall be organised by the Lithuanian Union of Architects, which has won the public procurement of “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”, which is implementing the “Vilnius Connect” project. Besides architects, city planners and specialists of other fields, representatives of communities are also planned to be involved in the creative workshop.

The purpose of the international architectural-urban creative workshop, which shall start in the Fall of this year, is to choose the best ideas for the rearrangement project of the territory of Vilnius railway station – “Vilnius Connect”. According to the results of the workshop, recommendations for an entire development of the territory will be formed and tasks for further architectural contests and the rearrangement of the territory shall be provided.

According to the head of the Strategy and Operations Development Department of the Centre of Property Management Services of “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”, Julija Abromavičienė, the “Vilnius Connect” project not only shall, in essence, transform the image of the gates of the city, but also shall significantly improve the mobility of the people using public transportation, transform current manufacturing spaces into public infrastructure, at the centre of which will be the needs of the people.

Change is significant not only to the communities residing closest to the territory, but to a much wider audience, which includes Vilnius and its region as well

“We are glad, that the majority unanimously agrees, that the Station district and our territory must change. Currently no specific decisions regarding the development of the territory are made. What specific changes have to be implemented – we are inviting to decide together, by discussing and seeking for a mutual compromise. The planned change is significant not only to the communities residing closest to the territory, but to a much wider audience, which includes Vilnius and its region as well. That is why constructive involvement and dialogue of all interested parties is important.” – J. Abromavičienė said.

According to the chair of the Union of Architects, Rūta Leitanaitė, the international creative workshop is a great format to clarify how different scenarios “would work” or “wouldn’t work” in the territory, what architectural and city planner ideas would suit this territory, and which should be refused, by making use of professionals and interested parties. “It is very important that such a vast territory so significant to the capital and the whole state is being planned so responsibly. We welcome the ambition of “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” to make this project an example for development of other similar territories: to involve as many interested groups as possible in a dialogue, to hear various expectations, to choose the best development scenario, which would later be elaborated through architectural contests, with the help of professional architects, city planners,”, – stated R. Leitienė.

It is foreseen, that several teams will be working during the creative architectural workshop. These teams shall consist of no less than 4 people, one of whom shall have to be a specialist of city-planning or architecture, another, a specialist of communications. The commission evaluating the works shall consist of no less than 5 experts.

During the implementation of the „Vilnius Connect“ Project, it is intended to rearrange the territory of Vilnius railway station and to establish a modern, multifunctional centre of mobility, business and leisure there. Pedestrian and green spaces shall be expanded.

It is foreseen, that the “Vilnius Connect” project shall benefit not only the city of Vilnius. Integration of all types of transport in one place shall improve the communication among Vilnius and surrounding districts and regions, it will encourage a harmonious development of the regions. It will also provide space to create new workplaces, to attract investments, possibilities to develop services related to communication, intended for those who travel often, to develop tourism and other services. A significant impulse will be given by the planned to be installed European “Rail Baltica” tracks. The “Vilnius Connect” centre, combining various types of transportation, shall correspond the concepts of railway stations of Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, where a wide spectrum of services is available in one place – catering, accommodation, office rent. In 2018 Vilnius railway station welcomed 2,4 mill. passengers.