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“Lietuvos geležinkeliai” is planning a modern central headquarters for its employees
2018 August 22
Analysis of new headquarters in Vilnius

The “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” company, seeking to improve conditions for its employees and to increase the effectiveness of operations, is starting to prepare an analysis of new headquarters in Vilnius. Considering its conclusions and recommendations of real estate (RE) experts, the company will decide, what is the most effective way for implementing the joint project of “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” group of the central office in the station district of Vilnius.

The analysis of possibilities for the central headquarters shall be performed by experts of a company providing RE services – “Newsec advisers LT”. They will evaluate the needs of the joint office, provide recommendations and criteria, evaluate possible alternatives of development of the joint office, perform an analysis of office developer market and will form the criteria for the selection.

“We are seeking to increase the effectiveness of operations and to reduce the costs of real estate management. At the same time, we want to improve the conditions for the employees, to provide them work spaces as well as leisure and community spaces which meet contemporary needs. In the near future, great changes are foreseen in the station district of Vilnius and thus moving the central headquarters to this location shall be a great start of the project of modernising the territory of the railway station, during which we are planning to establish a modern business and mobility centre,” – stated Mantas Bartuška, the director general of “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”.


The station district of Vilnius is rapidly changing – the construction of the new office will make this change even more rapid

Currently the central headquarters of “Lietuvos geležinkliai” and its divisions are situated in different locations. This leads to additional RE management, logistics and time costs. The company is planning to concentrate the employees of the group in a joint office, which is foreseen in Geležinkelis street, by 2021. It is preliminary estimated that the area of the new central office will reach 20 thous. square meters, approximately 2 thous. employees of the group will work there.

“Modern and energetically effective office at the intersection of Naujamiestis and Naujininkai micro districts – on Geležinkelis street, not only shall provide modern work space for the employees of renewing “Lietuvos geležinkeliai“, but will also contribute to the rebirth of the surrounding area. The station district of Vilnius is rapidly changing – the construction of the new office will make this change even more rapid. “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” is following the footsteps of other modern state enterprises, when energetically ineffective and situated in the central spaces of Vilnius RE is given up and opportunities to establish in the developing parts of the city are sought. In doing so, not only we save funds, but also contribute to the development of the city”, – stated Gintaras Toločka, a consultant from “Newsec”.

This June, “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” announced, that it is implementing the project of modernising the territory of Vilnius railway station – “Vilnius Connect”. It will include a park of mobility, modern offices, trade, services and entertainment. The “Vilnius Connect” centre, uniting various kinds of transportation, shall correspond with the concept of railway stations of Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, where a wide spectrum of services is available in on place – catering, accommodation, office rent. The railway station of Vilnius welcomes more than 2 mill. passengers a year.