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Christine and Barbora
”Druska Miltai Vanduo” founders
The most interesting things are happening in the railway station area

“In all of the world’s major cities the most interesting things are happening in the railway station area” – says Barbora, one of the founders of the “Druska Miltai Vanduo” (Salt Flour Water) bakery.

Therefore, the bakery founders Christine and Barbora did not need a long time for choosing a location for their new business. The also specify that during the latest couple of years the district felt a surge of activity, people settle here a bolder, and the community feeling is increasing, and this also positively affects the business environment.

“We believe that in the future more people will understand that opening businesses in the railway station area provides a mutual benefit – the living environment is also improving with time, as well as the real-estate property price begins to increase, and this is very important for people living here.”

“Every person, who has a business in the railway station district is automatically assigned to a category of people that do not fear challenges”, – the “Druska Miltai Vanduo” bakery founders Barbora and Christine say in agreement with a smile. According to them, businesses undertake an important role – they defy the old stereotype that the railway station is not beautiful and unsafe and show that there is no need to be afraid of change.

I decided to introduce change by myself

Christine and Barbora are a great example of that, since they boldly accept changes: a Canadian-born Christine decided to leave her home country and associate her life with Lithuania and Barbora also packed her bags and returned to live and work here, after spending a decade in London. “After coming to Lithuania, I have noticed that there is no sourdough bread here, which I was really accustomed to. I decided to introduce change by myself and have opened my own bakery, and then Barbora has joined me”,- says Christine.

Businesswomen say that these changes provided them with something new – a friendly community: “Even in the bakery we feel a sense of community, we know a lot of our clients, they return frequently and we know their names, children and sometimes even dogs.”