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Bringing change to Vilnius railway station and its surroundings

Architects from around the world are invited to bring change to the Vilnius railway station and its surroundings. The participants of the competition will have to create an iconic and globally recognisable international railway station project, offer a public transport service infrastructure that would represent Lithuania and Vilnius in compliance with the highest quality standards, form an attractive station square, and offer an idea for a viable and connecting Station district urban centre.

Competition Terms and Conditions

Technical Specification


Railway station that connects, attracts and inspires

The proposed solution must meet the criteria of openness, compactness, multifunctionality, environmental integrity, protection of natural and cultural heritage and sustainable mobility as declared by an ambitious, dynamic, forward-thinking city. It must create a new centre of attraction with leisure and service spaces, convenient connections for pedestrians, cyclists and everyone choosing to travel by comfortable and eco-friendly trains.

The participants of the competition will be able to submit their proposals until 31 May 2021. The prize fund of the competition amounts to €120 thousand.

The design proposal must be submitted electronically using the CVP IS at https://pirkimai.eviesiejipirkimai.lt.

CVP IS is an information system in which procurement procedures are performed, procurement notices and reports are submitted and processed, enquiries regarding the Competition documents are submitted and explanations of the Competition documents are published.

Instruction on how to register in CVP IS can be found here.

In order to access the Competition CVP IS:

  1. Press on the Competition title in the list of recent announcements
  2. Press ‘Log in’ in the Competition window
  3. Enter CVP IS access details, press ‘Accept invitation’